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The number of active mobile phones is greater than 2/3rds of world's population.

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What is InnServer?

InnServer is your gateway to InnsMobile. Current subscribers may log in to create and manage their mobile websites while new visitors can find out about all that we offer.

So what is InnsMobile?

InnsMobile is your one-stop answer to the mobile connundrum. It's estimated that, by 2015, mobile devices will outnumber traditional computers in internet activity. There are already more active data plans in the U.S. than there are people, and that number grows every day. Factor in an economy where day trips and last minute reservations are more popular than ever, and you'll soon realize that mobile is not just the latest trend or buzz word. The mobile market is growing, and just as importantly it's constantly evolving.

The Difference

Many mobile solutions involve a website much like the one you already have. You pay for a site to be developed, and when it's complete you deploy it to the web for visitors to utilize. With technology on the constant move, this is not an ideal approach. Blackberries, iPhones, Droids and Windows Phones are not created equally. Just like various web browsers handle code differently, these devices do as well. These platforms are updated frequently, introducing changes to the formula. Each time this happens, will your mobile website evolve to account for the change? If you use InnsMobile, it will.